Azeen & Michael had contacted me early this year for their June 2014 wedding and I immediately connected with this wonderful couple.

Azeen is an organized bride to be who knows exactly what she wants for her wedding day and her vision for their engagement session was no different. I was put on a mission by Azeen to find “The Perfect Barn” because she wanted to incorporate a rustic country feel to their session. A city boy like myself got a bit nervous since there isn’t many barns in town (unless you count the Bulk Barn…) and I didn’t feel like building one so I decided to call my good friend Stephanie Avakian who lives in the “boonies” (and I love to remind her of that daily) to see if she could help me out and she came through! Not only did she find the perfect barn but she even decided to partake in the picture taking.

These two were very laid back during our barn adventures and loved to laugh. We took them through corn fields, had them climb up rolls of hay and mosquito infested wooded paths and they still kept their sense of humour. I had so much fun with them on our first e-session that I took them out again on a different day to test out some of my new equipment.

Enjoy the highlights of their engagement sessions.

Hudson Engagement Session 04 Hudson Engagement Session 05 Hudson Engagement Session 06 Hudson Engagement Session 07Hudson Engagement Session 08Hudson Engagement Session 09Hudson Engagement Session 01 Hudson Engagement Session 02 Hudson Engagement Session 03 Azeen+Daniel-13