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Client Testimonials

Dear Peter,

Wow again!!! Thank you!!!! I cried looking at our wedding pictures….with happy tears!! You’re the best… Take good care of yourself It was a real pleasure to work with you!

Annie & Daniel

Dear Peter,

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for a wonderful photoshoot this Saturday! I appreciate you taking all the time to make sure every picture was just right, despite the fact that you had your engagement the next day! Lara and I had an absolutely wonderful time and what I think we enjoyed the most was the fact that, like us, you were a perfectionist! The hardest thing to find is someone who views things, the way you do.. And when we were taking the first few pictures and you noticed lara’s ring turned away, and fixed it. It was clear to both of us at that moment that our pictures were going to be great! The amount of time you put into each picture you took, also to make sure everything is just right, is one of the reasons your pictures distinguish you from the rest of the photographers on the net!

The picture you sent us was absolutely amazing! I didn’t even recognize Lara and I in it, it’s such a good picture! Well done! Also, until the time when you do send us the everything.. Any teasers are HIGHLY appreciated!! We are refreshing our hotmail inboxes constantly waiting for more!

Thanks again for everything,
Mostafa & Lara

Dear Peter,

We couldn’t be happier with our photos! They turned out  better than I could have imagined! We weren’t exactly sure what we wanted at first, but you spent a lot of time with us beforehand and thank God you did 🙂 Thank you for providing a lot of direction during the wedding, and listening and incorporating our ideas when we offered them. Nothing seemed out of the question or unattainable with you. Your confidence really helped me relax and enjoy our day.  The hardest part now is deciding which ones we want for the album. We will gladly recommend you to anyone who is getting married, (we already have).

Beth & Andrew Luscombe.

Dear Peter,

Thank-you for sharing our special day with us. We would like to thank you very much for all the work you have put into our wedding photos. They are absolutely fantastic and are full of wonderful memories. Thank you for making our wedding day so special,

Mary & Costa Karamanis

Dear Peter,

Wow wow wow! I love these so far. I cant wait for the DVD! All our laughs were really genuine as you made this such a relaxing and fun experience. We may have a referral for you. We have friends who actually got married down south a couple of years ago, but never had an engagement session and have no professional pictures of them. After I showed them your black and white “teaser”, they were interested doing in something like that.

Gillian Lindsay

Dear Peter,

Like them?? Haha! I love them! They are amazing!!! I need to sit down and look at them a thousand times to choose my favorites! Even my mother in law was going crazy! Thank you so so so so much!!

Litsa Melas


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