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The day you have been planning for since you were little, the day your mother dreamed about for your whole life, the day your father imagined having that first dance with you; Your Wedding Day! In this busy day and age, it is one of those rare occasions when you’re surrounded by all your loved ones. But it is just one day, one fleeting moment in this life, and by the time its over it will already be a memory that slowly fades away.

But when years go by, you will journey back to that time through the photographs you kept. Whether it’s to remember the way your mother glowed with happiness as you put your wedding dress on or the way your father turned emotional during his loving speech. Or you may want to share one of your happiest moments with your kids; show them how you looked when you married the person of your dreams. It may even just be a trip down memory lane to remember the people who were closest to you, like your grandmother, and to remember the elation you felt on that day.

The photographs of your wedding will be the first and most precious keepsakes of your family; they will be your heirlooms, being passed down to your children and grandchildren. They will tell your story for you. Our belief is in capturing the story, the moments in time that ooze with love and happiness, which are filled with emotion and a little fantasy, because your wedding is nothing less than a fairytale.

So let us capture your precious memories to help you keep them forever. We can’t wait to hear from you!