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Engagement photography is a lot like wedding photography, but it provides a chance for you and the photographer to get to know each other in a low-pressure setting. It allows you and your partner to get more comfortable with having your photos taken as a couple and gives the photographer an opportunity to experiment without the time constraints that are typical on the big day. Since a more relaxed atmosphere helps you get used to being in front of the camera, your personality as a couple is often amplified as a result. After a session of learning what styles work for you and laughing at the ones that don’t exactly work, it’s no wonder that our engagement sessions end up being some of our favorite moments with our clients. While there is an element of trial and error in these sessions, it’s a fun and memorable way to get acquainted and prepare for your wedding day.

Your engagement serves as a transition period from your single to married life. There is usually so much planning to do in this short time that a lot of couples take the “divide and conquer” route. Not this time. This is one thing on your wedding to-do list that enables you to spend more time with your fiance. Take the time to enjoy it and enjoy each other. We don’t want this to be another task that just needs to be scratched off your list; we want this to be an experience you’ll remember. We prefer to take you out for dinner to get to know you and get a sense of your unique vision for your engagement photos.

When you hear the words, “engagement photos” it can be difficult to picture anything other than the traditional Sears-style images with matching outfits, perfect smiles and postures.  Are you cringing yet? Yes, this style may have been popular in the past, but Montreal engagement photographer Peter K Photography takes a modern approach, which means never asking you to say “cheese”.

So get excited, get dressed up and get ready for a fun-filled session! We’ll be looking forward to it just as much as you are.

To schedule your engagement session, feel free to Contact Us. We can’t wait to spend the evening with you!

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