Frequently Asked Questions - Peter K Photography

Have a question?  Your answer is probably here, but if not, feel free to Contact Me .

How much are your wedding services?

Cutting straight to the point?  My prices start at $2800, but for a full range of products and services I offer, please feel free to contact me.

How many images do we receive from a typical wedding day?

Since the images are digital, I shoot constantly throughout the whole day, and then I edit the wedding photos down to around 600-900 of the best images.

How long does it take until we can see all of our wedding day images?

After your wedding, I take a great deal of pride in thoroughly editing, processing, and fine tuning your images. I’ll be ready to present your images to you about  2-3 months after your wedding. Good things come to those who wait! 🙂

Do we get a high resolution DVD?

No, I deliver all our edited high resolution images on a custom USB with every wedding. All of the images on the USB are carefully cropped, fully edited and ready to print. Photos on the USB can be printed at the lab of your choice.

Do you use a second shooter and/or assistants?

If you want a second shooter, Peter K Photography has a network of talented photographers that we can bring to be with the groom all day, assist with portraits, and provide that extra angle and coverage during the big moments. Sometimes an assistant is needed for the transporting of lights and equipment, chasing down family members for pictures, and random Tim Hortons runs. They are of no cost to you and are always well-behaved.

Do you travel to (enter remote destination here)?

Of course.  I book destination weddings and can plan a custom package just for you and your unique wedding anywhere in the world.

How many weddings do you shoot?

Due to the dedication to my clients and the exceptional level of customer service and attention I want every client to experience, I limit the number of weddings that will be booked every year so that every couple & family knows that they are getting the full Peter K Photography experience without compromise. When you hire Peter K Photography you can rest assured that you will have Peter (Me) as the main photographer at every event and I will also be handling the editing of the photographs as well as the delivery. No third party involvement except perhaps when a second shooter is hired for your wedding to work alongside me. This personal approach is what makes Peter K Photography truly stand out when compared to most volume studios in the Montreal area.

What do you use for Equipment?

I’m a firm believer that having the right tools for the trade make all the difference, especially in professional photography.  I use professional Nikon Digital SLR’s with professional lenses and flash units. As aw edding photographer, I have to be prepared for anything so I have back up equipment and basically 2 of everything so that all of my bases are covered.  Here is a link to the gear I’m currently using.

We definitely want to book you! What’s the next step?

Sweet! I’m excited to work with you. To officially book me, I’ll need you to sign a wedding photography agreement and pay a $500 non-refundable retainer. As soon as those 2 things are in, you’re BOOKED! YAY!

Where is your office located?

1795 Rue de Salaberry Montreal, Quebec H3M1K5

What will you need from us on the wedding day?

Honestly, the best thing you can do is just forget that I am there, enjoy yourself and have fun. This is a big day, and you’re going to want to remember the important moments, not all the little details that went in to making it happen. It is good to have a go-to person, such as the best man, who is available to provide any answers to questions I might have on the day.

Engagement Session FAQ

What should I wear to the engagement Session?

I will have specific recommendations depending on the location you choose. However, I want you to wear clothing that showcases your personality. It’s all about styling and planning. The more time you invest in choosing a wardrobe for your photo shoot, the happier you will be with the results. Leaving the details to the last minute creates stress and takes the fun out of the day. Don’t hesitate to consult with me on options for colors and accessories.

Dress: As a general rule, wear solid colors, as stripes and patterns draw attention away from your face. Avoid wearing turtlenecks and large loose clothing, as these often make the neck seem nonexistent and the body seem wider than it is. Shorts have a tendency to make legs appear shorter than they are.

Colors: Solid monochromatic colors are easiest to coordinate but primary or complementary colors also look great and bring energy to the photograph. Darker colors will cause the subject(s) to appear thinner while lighter colors will cause the subject(s) to appear larger. Dark pants or jeans with dark shoes give texture and visually anchor a portrait. When choosing color schemes, consider not only what looks best on you, but also what colors will look best in wall portraits and complement your home’s decor.

Accessories: Keep it to a minimum. Avoid hats, hair ornaments, and sparkly or costume jewellery unless it does not distract from the main subject, you.

Footwear: Avoid running shoes, white socks and heavy footwear. Also, consider fashionable boots, sandals or bare feet for casual photos.

Props: Props help showcase your personality. Some examples of props could be musical instruments and sports equipment.

In general, you should bring at least two to three different outfits to the shoot and we can help you decide what would be most appropriate.