The day I first met Katalin & Mario, I was thrilled to hear about their plans for a wedding in the Botanical Gardens. Katalin is a fellow photographer, and it’s always an honor to be hired by someone in the same line of work. You can view her remarkable work here:

Katalin & Mario got married in a secluded part of the Botanical Gardens under a willow tree. It is symbolic to Katalin since it brings her back to the willow tree in front of her grandmother’s home. Apart from the couple, the only people present during the sweet and touching ceremony were the official and two witnesses, one being myself.

With every click I could see how absorbed they were by each other with their genuine love, making it effortless for me since their poses were incredibly natural. There was lots of laughter, love and even a spontaneous arm-wrestling match. (she won haha).

They made my job very easy since they are a stunning couple and especially stylish with the pallets of colors they chose which blended so beautifully with the scenic Botanical Gardens..

I had a great few hours of capturing their love story. Enjoy.