Elsa & Olivier’s wedding was, in a word, perfect. A lovely June day in Mont-Tremblant with family and friends that came from all around the world to celebrate their big day.

The day started very early where Elsa got ready with her close family and friends. In order for the traditional Chinese tea ceremony to begin, Olivier had to gain access to see his wife to be. In Chinese culture, the groom sets out to the bride’s home and is blocked at the door by her bridesmaids where they play door games with the groom and his attendants. Olivier was forced to do push ups, and all sorts of other things I can’t mention on the blog. As if this wasn’t enough, Olivier had to pay an entrance fee (cash and a roasted pig) to see his future wife. When he was finally given access to see Elsa, the cozy hotel room was quickly swarmed by so many people to partake in the traditional tea ceremony.

The wedding ceremony was very emotional at the Hotel Du Lac. The reception was kept simple with a few heartfelt speeches and delightful food, followed by a great party. It was such a gift to have had the opportunity to photograph their love story and get to know Elsa & Olivier. Hope you two are enjoying your new home in the UK! Please consider checking all the wedding albums by Montreal Wedding Photography -Peter K.

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