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Rania & Miguel's Wedding

This wedding is one that made me smile from the moment the day began. Rania and Miguel are close friends of mine and I was honoured when they hired me to photograph their big day. There is always self-inflicted added stress and pressure when photographing a close friend or relative's wedding. The day was beautiful with absolutely perfect weather. These two have one[...]

Gasia & Anto’s Wedding

What makes a beautiful wedding? Well you're in luck because I have the definition of a beautiful wedding in every way possible. Gasia & Anto's wedding just blew me away with it's beauty. You couldn't expect anything less with the amazing venue Théâtre Paradoxe, Gasia's elegant wedding dress, and basically a beautiful couple mad in love with each other. It was so m[...]

Gasia + Anto's Montreal Engagement Session

Engagement Session's are slower paced compared to a wedding and things hardly go wrong. In this particular session, we got kicked out by security, got stuck in traffic, and my equipment decided to act up. These were a few of the hiccups we encountered but these two still managed to rock this session! This session defied all the rules and I loved every minute of it bec[...]

Maria & Jason's Wedding

Photographing weddings is always a joy, but it’s extra special and a lovely compliment when asked by people in your friends circle. When Maria and Jason got in touch with me close to two years ago about their wedding  I was super excited about getting the chance to document their big day. Maria and Jason were as fun-loving as they come. It was a great day filled wi[...]

Tamar & Harout's Wedding

Tamar and Harout are all about love and all about family. When a couple values these two things, I always know that their wedding will be awesome,and these two didn’t disappoint. If you’ve never been to an Armenian wedding you need to know that they are full of energy, family, love and endless dancing from early morning into the wee hours of the night. The energy n[...]

Charlotte & Markenrald's Wedding

From the moment I met this wonderful couple I knew their wedding would be filled with love and laughter. Driving to the South Shore on route to Charlotte & Markenrald’s wedding I thought to myself: “This will be an incredible day” and it truly was. Once arrived everyone was in awe and watched as this very special couple treated their family and friends to a weeken[...]

Maryan & Sami's Wedding

I kicked off my 2015 wedding season with an incredibly fun, relaxed and beautiful couple: Maryan & Sami. As soon as we got together for our first meeting it felt like a reunion with old friends. They were both so kind and generous with huge hearts that I knew this wedding would be unique and filled with joy, love & laughter. They, along with their families, pl[...]

Roubina & Mike's Wedding

Roubina and Mike's wedding was an amazing way to end a fantastic 2014 wedding season! If you’ve never been to an Armenian wedding you need to know they are filled with a lot of love, laughter, dancing and excitement and surrounded by family & friends from early morning until late at night. Now add Greek into the mix and you have a recipe for a very exciting and[...]

Curtis & Elisa's Wedding

It's not very often that couples ask you to photograph their wedding at the brides family home, but that's exactly what happened for Elisa & Curtis' wedding in beautiful Hudson, Quebec. With one of the most incredible homes I've seen, enough land to host a 100+ people wedding along with a beautiful view of the Ottawa river I just knew that it was going to be an am[...]