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Montreal Wedding Photographer

Peter K Photography is run by Peter K (actually, why do we all talk in the third person, when you know darn well it’s just me sitting in my office chair writing this?). I’m a Montreal wedding photographer.

Both of my parents were born in Greece but I was born and raised in beautiful Montreal, the perfect backdrop for an emerging photographer. I fell in love with photography a few years ago and it has been a passion for me ever since. In addition to being a creative outlet for my artistic side, photography has brought many opportunities to meet all kinds of people that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with. I’m a driven, motivated individual and a detail-oriented perfectionist. I wake up everyday excited to be doing what I love and ready for a new challenge.

I shoot in a photojournalistic style, adding a touch of my own imagination and originality. I’m a visual storyteller who combines artistic techniques with documentary style authenticity to capture moments in their most natural form. I love finding those meaningful moments of your day, always looking for the tears, hugs and laughs and turning them into timeless memories. I combine documentary wedding photography with a stylistic approach, capturing the moments as they happen and take time to artfully compose and, when appropriate give direction. My professional insight, vision and attention to detail creates the work of art you will want to display forever.

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