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Snowstorm, rain or fog disrupting your wedding? Those wouldn’t be a problem for a photographer who has the inspiration, the ingenuity and the proper tools to take that snowstorm and make it into a breathtaking winter wonderland. Or turn that gloomy fog and rain into a romantic background for your wedding. Whatever unexpected events may try to take your wedding day by surprise, our images our always crisp and clear, with just the right amount of creativity. We believe in the search for new and advanced techniques that allow us to take advantage of all unforeseen conditions. We are expert in wedding photography.

Here at Peter K Photography , we are renowned for our distinctive wedding photography style that takes it’s inspiration from photojournalism and combines elements from both fashion photography and fine art. We take pride in our work, which is not just taking photographs but creating beautiful imagery, just like an artist would. We have covered may wedding photography sessions in Montreal. Contact Montreal wedding photographer for stunning wedding photography sessions.

Our Style

But you may ask what makes our style so unique. The answer is simple: genuineness, spontaneity and naturalness in every moment, especially the gestures and emotions of the bride and groom. We capture the moment in its pure emotional form and that is our main focus in all wedding or engagement photography sessions. However, if you would rather have the more classic photo-shoot, we can still make your individual characteristics shine and highlight the connection you two share; the connection that brought you to your day of wedding.

We strive to balance the artistic elegance with your traits and personality so that together they portray the true spirit of your wedding.

The Art of Story-Telling

All through the day we are on the lookout for that special moment that resonates with meaning and emotion; that flicker of a smile, that hidden tear, that loving hug or that carefree laugh. We are always observing such moments and conversations, with our equipment and lighting at the ready, to capture them in their natural perfection.

A good wedding photographer is always aware of his surroundings and has the required knowledge and patience to handle all human attributes. Capturing a moment that is not only artistic but also natural and genuine involves a lot of careful preparation and timing. Images that hold the most emotion and meaning are the ones that tell a story or represent a particular sentiment or mood. Our photography has that distinct style of combining story-telling with documentary.

Style Makes Photography

Wedding photographs need to be both personal and professional; a balance between these two makes for the perfect wedding photo. For that reason we try to make the photo session a collaborative effort by occasionally giving you directions and interacting with you. We do not waste time on staging every photo because we believe in letting the photo be genuine and spontaneous. We always try to capture moments that reflect the true emotions in any and all interactions between your loved ones; moments you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life.

We try to make you feel comfortable and completely free to do what you wish during romantic photo sessions. This not only makes the experience more fun and enjoyable but also allows you to look natural in your photographs. We also try to distance ourselves from your personal moments by using longer lenses and zooming in, instead of standing right in front of you. This allows for more natural photos as you are free to be yourself without feeling nervous or shy in front of the camera.

Your wedding is special and unique, it is unlike any other experience you will ever have in your life and so we do everything we can to keep the uniqueness alive by finding the perfect lighting and background for your photos. Instead of the usual gazebos and fountains that we see in countless wedding photos, we let the romance shine through our photos, which like our photography

Getting To Know Each Other

Contact Us today to schedule your free consultation with Montreal wedding photographer Peter K. You will be able to view our work,  meet the talent, ask all your questions, plan your wedding coverage, and make sure we’re a good fit for your big day. Looking forward to meeting you!

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